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Biohybrid Nanoarchitectures:
Protein Adaptor Based Nano-Object Assembly

Functional Expansion of the Cell:
De Novo Organells &
Cellular Modules and Nanoreactors

Biogenic Materials:
Elastine like Proteins
ECM mimicking matrix proteins

Sustainable Biopolymers &
Scaffolds in
Regenerative Medicine

Bioorthogonal Chemistry & Bioconjugation:
Unnatural Amino Acids
Glycolipid Library Tool Box

Modular Molecular Tecton Library
for Biogenic Materials
by One-Vector-Toolbox-Platform (OVTP)

Bioprocess & Enzyme engineering
Peptide Generator
for Biopharmaceuticals

Biomimetic Systems
Membranebiochemistry for
tethered bilayer lipid membranes (tBLM)


 A. Functional Expansion of the Cell: self-assembly of novel artificial organells in vivo

 artif organells01  artif organells 02

  artif organells 03 


 B. Colocalisation of membran protein HB-EGF with artificial organells in vivo

 artif organells 04

 C. Self-assembly of purified protein-tectons to spherical vesicle-like structures in vitro

          invitro vesicle assembly

Huber, M. C., Schreiber, A., von Olshausen, P., Varga, B. R., Kretz, O., Joch, B., Barnert, S., Schubert, R., Eimer, S., Kele, P., Schiller, S. M.
"Designer amphiphilic proteins as building blocks for the intracellular formation of organelle-like compartments" Nature Materials 2015, 14, 125–132

Huber, M. C., Schreiber, A., Wild, W., Benz, K., Schiller, S. M. "Introducing a combinatorial DNA-toolbox platform constituting defined protein-based biohybrid materials" Biomaterials 2014, 35, 8767-8779

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